Rayon Cotton Modal Sweater Knit, Steel – 1/2 meter

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62% Rayon, 19% Cotton, 13% Modal, 6% Spandex

4 way stretch

258 gsm

147 cm/58″ wide

Sold by the half meter.  (50 cm/approx 19.75″)
1 = .5 meter
2 = 1 meter
3 = 1.5 meters, etc. in one continuous cut.

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This beautifully soft, medium-weight sweater knit just feels like quality, and would make wonderful cardigans or tops.  The added spandex means your sweater holds its shape better.

Modal is a type of rayon made from beech wood.  Modal is softer and less prone to shrinking than cotton, but like rayon, should not be washed on hot or put in the dryer.


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