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Full Swim Contest Guidelines

Post your swim knit creations in a sewing-related group with #wttcswimteam.  (Please make sure you read their rules first, some don’t allow hashtags, some have a once-every 24 hours-per-business rule)

Comment here with a screenshot of your post for an entry to win.  You can receive multiple entries by sharing in more than one group.

A winner will be chosen each month from all of the entries, including previous months.  The same person cannot win with the same entry in subsequent months.

Swim suit must include at least 50% WTTC fabric.

Photos should be clear (not a far away person on a beach) and classy.  We care greatly about your child’s safety and dignity, and we do not want to be a place that unsavoury characters can find revealing photos of our children, so here are our tips for posting great pictures of your children in the swimsuits you made:

  1. Flat lays are great. Lay the suit out on your deck in the shade, as a pair of sunglasses/goggles/flip flips and you have a great photos with no worries.
  2. Have your child wear sunglasses, or obscure their face (not with stickers but) with a hat, hair or by having them turn their head.
  3. Choose a modest swimsuit pattern.
  4. Use summertime props to obscure underwear area.
  5. Take photos from a top angle instead of at the child’s level as is usually recommended.