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Only a few months ago I would have literally laughed out loud at the idea of being called a “sewist”!
My mother tried teaching me how to sew in my preteen years, bless her heart and patience.  She is a sweet woman who sewed her whole life and made much of our family’s clothing.  It was no fault of hers that I didn’t have the patience or confidence to succeed at sewing.
One particular memory I have is her trying to teach me how to sew a little dress.  I got so frustrated I rolled it into a ball and threw it across the room.
I was forced to try again in my junior high home economics class.  I made the ugly pillow with absolutely no pride in it and I received a bad grade.
That was my final attempt.
I was done!
Sewing was not my gig.
I had no interest, I was not teachable, I could not learn.  This is what I told myself.  I wanted to be good at what I did and if I didn’t think I could do it well, I didn’t do it.
Years later I started working at Water Tower Textiles and was surrounded by gorgeous fabric every day.  Patty asked me if I knew how to sew and I firmly told her no and I had no interest because I was not capable of learning it.  Patty is an amazing, funny lady who would make comments about me learning to sew, but I shrugged it off for some time.
One day I finally gave in.  I told her that I would try.  A simple pencil skirt to try it out, then she would see I just couldn’t do it and at least I had tried.
Patty showed me how to print off and put together a pdf pattern, cut out the fabric and sew it up.  She got me started on two projects with that I finished at home with an old sewing machine my mom had given me.
And…I was hooked.
Now I wanted a new sewing machine so I could do more!  The pride of knowing that you can wear something that you had sewn up yourself was and is such an amazing feeling!
I received that new sewing machine for Christmas and my love of sewing grew!!
It was not as difficult as I had envisioned.  It’s common to tell yourself, “there’s no way I can learn this, no way I can make something that will be wearable or presentable.”  That is totally how I felt. I really thought I would fail miserably at it.
But I did learn, and so can you AND you can be good at it!
In a matter of months, I have gone from having basically no sewing knowledge to being able to say that I have made myself a beautiful fancy dress that I wore for Valentine’s Day. I have made other dresses, lots of leggings and a few shirts, and I’m even attempting a bathing suit now! I still get moments of frustration and I still have much to learn, but it’s worth it.
I get so many compliments on my creations! It’s even to the point that if I buy something new people will ask if I have sewn it!
I love the idea that I can make clothing that will fit MY body, in the colour and style I want!  That, my friends, is exciting!  It’s never too late to learn and as I like to tell anyone, if I can learn how to sew, ANYONE can!!