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Make Your Life Easier

As you look to get yourself settled into the world of sewing there are many small things you can do to make life easier. Here we have just a few things that we hope will help you out.


Cutting Mat and Rotary Cutter

Cutting out fabric is much easier if you invest in a good cutting mat of a decent size and a rotary cutter.  Cutting with scissors tends to lift the fabric and it can be hard to get straight, accurate cuts.  Being able to be precise when cutting your fabric far outweighs the cost of the tools.

Pattern Weights

Make sure you use pattern weights to hold down your pattern while cutting out your fabric. However you do not need to spend money on expensive fancy looking ones.  Books, canned food, whatever you have handy works fine.

PDF Patterns

Many find using pdf patterns as opposed to the tissue paper patterns much easier, especially when there are sizing issues.

Putting the Pattern Together 

When putting your patterns together make sure you give yourself lots of room and have good lighting.  
If you choose to glue them together try using glue sticks that go on in a different colour and dry clear.

Wonder Clips

Buy yourself some wonder clips!  Most sewists find them easier to work with than using pins.  When you first get going you will find you will need a lot of clips to keep the fabric from moving on you.

Find Discounted Fabric

Many sewists, even the experienced ones like to use discounted fabrics to make a practice item also known as a “muslin.”  This way you can stitch rip and redo as often as you need.