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About Us

Water Tower Textiles Canada was started by Patty Anne with the help of her oldest daughter on October 1, 2016.  From it’s very humble beginnings the dream was to connect, inspire and equip women to sew well-fitting, flattering clothes for themselves, their loved ones and their family, by providing quality knit fabric options, encouragement and inspiration.

This family-run business has grown from a small room off the kitchen in a farmhouse to a warehouse and showroom in Leamington, Ontario.  The Water Tower Textiles Canada family has now grown to include eight passionate, caring women who work behind the scenes filling orders, cutting samples, matching colours, taking pictures, creating listings, bookkeeping and so much more.

With family and community as some of their highest values, the showroom was designed to be a place that anyone can feel comfortable and welcome, especially young moms with their little ones in tow.  Sip on free fair trade organic coffee while your little ones play in the adjoining playroom.  See, feel and play with the half meter fabric samples on display in the showroom, and don’t be afraid to ask questions.  Orders are cut in the back while you relax in comfy chairs and your children make new connections, or just shop in peace if that’s what you need.

We at Water Tower Textiles are absolutely passionate about standing with those who are hurting, overwhelmed or lonely and need someone to walk alongside them.  It is about SO much more than fabric.  We were designed to live in community with others, to comfort with the comfort we have been given, to equip and encourage each other to develop and use talents and abilities to create something beautiful in this dark world.

Water Tower Textiles Canada also wants to use their influence and success in business to make a difference in the wider world.  A portion of every sale is donated to support families and children in need.  A portion of sales in the past was donated to Ronald McDonald House, which provides a close place to stay for families while their child is in hospital, something Patty and her family needed after her youngest needed emergency surgery after birth.

WTTC also donates to the work of The Exodus Road, an organization that works to free and rehabilitate those caught in slavery and human trafficking around the world, and to Little By Little, a London, Ontario based organization that works in Haiti, creating jobs for impoverished parents so they can afford to keep their children at home instead of placing them in an orphanage.

When you purchase from Water Tower Textiles Canada, you are not just buying fabric to create beautiful garments, or add to your stash, you are partnering with women who are passionate about supporting families and children, and bringing life, connection, hope and inspiration to the world.