Double Brushed Polyester Spandex, BLACK, Version 2 – 1/2 meter


96% Polyester, 4% Spandex

4 way stretch

180 gsm

147-152 cm/58-60″ wide

Sold by the half meter.  (50 cm/approx 19.75″)
1 = .5 meter
2 = 1 meter
3 = 1.5 meters, etc. in one continuous cut.

Reorderable: Yes

In stock

When you purchase quantity 10 you will save 5%, quantity 20 will save you 10%.


Super soft, stretchy and perfect for tops and dresses.

Although this is more of a shirt weight fabric, it is commonly used for leggings as well.  A waistband of the same fabric (only 5% spandex) may tend to fall down, so pair it with our fleece-back polyester spandex (14% spandex) as a waistband for the perfect pair of super soft leggings.

Version 1: This is the version we have been carrying for some time.

Version 2: This is very similar to our version 1, but we are testing out a new supplier.

Additional information

Weight 158 g


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