Poly Laminate Foam Fabric – Nude – 1/2 meter


100% Polyester

1/8″ thick

142-147 cm/56″- 58″ wide

Sold by the half meter.  (50 cm/approx 19.75″)
1 = .5 meter
2 = 1 meter
3 = 1.5 meters, etc. in one continuous cut.

In stock

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Finding the correct size and fit of swim cups for your sewing projects can be difficult.   Save yourself the frustration and make your own perfect fitting swim cups from your bra or swimsuit pattern.

It has give in the crosswise direction, is chlorine resistant and quick drying, making it ideal for your swimsuits, bras or even active wear tops.  You can put the cups inside a lining but it is also comfortable enough to wear directly against the skin.

The foam can also be used in making costumes, skating outfits or dance wear.

Tip – For cup sizes smaller than a B cup simply mold the foam over a ham with the heat of an iron, then cut to shape. To make larger cups, trim the seam allowances from the cross cup seam, using your regular bra cup pattern. Then, butt the two raw edges of the padding together and stitch across them with a zig-zag stitch.



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